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Smoked Meat Briskets

Regular (100) 

The Regular Smoked Meat Brisket is one of our most popular products. It is smoked to perfection and has its secret blend of spices that gives it its delicious taste that will melt in your mouth! The Regular is one of our mildest briskets.

Regular Brisket With Sandwich (100)

Original (101)

Along with the Regular, the Original Smoked Meat Brisket is also one of our best sellers. This brisket carries more cover spices such as cracked peppercorn than the Regular which gives this brisket its distinctive color and taste. The Original Brisket is also slightly leaner than the Regular Brisket.

101 Original Old Fashioned Brisket With Sandwich

Smoked Meat in a pouch 150g (143)

The same delicious smoked meat as the Regular Brisket is also available in a convenient pre-sliced 150g package. They are frozen and ready to be cooked when required. They can be simply heated up either in the microwave or boiled in the pouch.Smoked Meat in a pouch 150g (143)


Savoury Spice (150)

The Savoury Spice Brisket features the same specs and is cooked the same way as the regular brisket. It features a light brown spice rub and more tasty cover spices.

Savoury Spice Brisket With Sandwich

Special Original (160)

The Special Original Brisket carries even more delicious spices than the Original Brisket. It has its own special cooking process which gives it a stronger full body taste. This brisket is extra lean and contains almost no surface fat.

Special Original Brisket With Sandwich (160)


“Dry Cured” Style

The “Dry Cured” Style Brisket is Mello’s premium brisket. It has a low injection process and it is left to sit in its specially formulated brine for seven days before being heavily spiced with our delicious secret spice rubs. After it has been spiced, the “Dry Cured” Style Brisket is slowly smoked to perfection. If you are looking for that pure Montreal smoked meat taste, than this is your product!

“Dry Cured” Style Montreal Spiced (152)

"Dry Cured" Style Montreal Spiced Brisket With Sandwich (152)

“Dry Cured” Style Smoky Red (153)

"Dry Cured" Style Smoky Red Brisket With Sandwich (153)

“Dry Cured” Style Maple (154)"Dry Cured" Style Maple (154)

Mello Premium “Dry Cured” Style (158)



Baby Beef Smoked Meat Briskets

The Baby Beef Briskets are spiced and cooked the same way as the regular Smoked Meat Briskets, however, the surface fat is not trimmed giving it its distinctive look and taste.

Special Baby Beef Smoked Meat Briskets

These specially selected briskets are spiced and cooked the same way as the regular Smoked Meat Briskets, however, they are less trimmed after cooking leaving a bit more marbling on the brisket.


Baby Beef Regular (400) or Special Baby Beef (421 – not pictured)


Baby Beef Original (401) or Special Baby Beef Original (422 – not pictured)


Smoked Meat Center-Cuts

Smoked Meat Center-Cuts are perfectly seasoned briskets that have been removed of all surface fat. They are the leanest smoked meat briskets you can buy!


Center cut Regular (500)


Center cut Old Fashioned (501)