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About Montreal Smoked Meat

Montreal Smoked Beef Brisket, better known as Montreal Smoked Meat Brisket is a type of deli meat made by salting and curing a specially selected aged Canadian beef brisket (breast or lower chest of beef) with spices. After a week, the beef brisket is hot smoked to cook through and then steamed before being served. Montreal Smoked Meat is typically served in the form of a rye bread sandwich slathered with yellow mustard.


Cutting Montreal Smoked Meat

There really is an art to this! Montreal Smoked Meat Briskets must be cut across the grain, not with the grain. If you are unsure which direction the grain runs, here are some tips: when you are cutting against the grain, each slice will fall onto the cutting board wanting to split easily. If you stretch the slice, the grains will come apart. If you are cutting with the grain, the slices will exhibit a slight curl when they hit the board and will be very tough to tear. Keep all slices thin.

cuttingCooking Instructions

The Montreal Smoked Meat Brisket should be placed in vapor for an hour and a half to two hours (depending on size). Alternatives are to boil the entire piece, pan fry and even microwave the sliced meat (some chefs microwave the product as needed).

It is recommended that smoked meat be served on rye bread however, a Kaiser bun will do in a pinch (just don’t serve it to anyone from Montreal!). Place mustard on the bread (some Montreal restaurants mix pickle brine into the mustard for added flavor) and then top with a healthy stack of sliced meat (around 6 oz is normal).

Menu Ideas and Suggestions

  • Super Stacked Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich Platter
  • Montreal Smoked Meat Sliders
  • Montreal Smoked Meat Club Sandwich
  • Montreal Smoked Meat Lasagna
  • Montreal Smoked Meat Spaghetti
  • Montreal Smoked Meat & Eggs
  • Montreal Smoked Meat Poutine
  • Montreal Smoked Meat Nacho Platter
  • Montreal Smoked Meat Pizza